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Fox Valley Muzzle Loaders Club is a small, friendly club dedicated to the pursuit of muzzleloading rifle and pistol shooting, period costumes and rendezvous. We are a 100% NRA club and we allow the shooting of all firearms on our 15-table shooting range.

New members are welcome, please feel free to browse around look around and check out the pictures from our events and our rendezvous if you are intersted on a visit do not hesitate to contact us. If you want to come to our rendezvous look at our maps page for directions.

Dan Kunesh wins Spring Champion Shoot. April 7 shooters (from left): Kyle, Phil, Kira, Brian, Len and Dan. Nice shooting!

The first shooting match of the season saw a great turnout Sunday, April 7, with six competitors vying for Spring Championship bragging rights.

Despite deep snow on the ground, five men and one young lady shot well at both 50 and 100 yards.

When the blackpowder smoke cleared, Dan Kunesh claimed first place, firing a score of 56 at the 50-yard targets and 26 at the 100-yard targets for a total of 82 points to win the match.

Kyle Thompson was a close second, shooting a 54 at 50 yards and a 20 at 100 yards for a total of 64 points. Kyle arrived about a half-hour late, but the other shooters graciously let him compete.

Third place went to Phil Marhold, who shot a 37 and a 12, respectively, at 50 and 100 yards. His daughter, Kira Marhold, shot a 46 at 50 yards, actually beating Dad at that range! But she didn't hit the paper at 100 yards, so she settled for a total of 46 and fourth place (since she was the only female shooter, she could also be declared top women's shooter!)

Brian Bradley shot a 10 at 50 yards and was the only shooter to actually do better at 100 yards, scoring 21 at that range for fifth place.

Len Doran shot a 15 at the closer distance and a 9 at 100 yards.

Shooters were permitted to use the benches for their 100-yard shots.

This was a great turnout, especially considering the snowy conditions.

The next shooting dates are May 5 (Men's Sharpshooter Championship with targets at 25, 50 and 100 yards), June 23 (Men's & Women's Pistol & Rifle Championship with targets at 24 yards for pistol and 50 and 100 for rifle), July 21 (fun shoot and picnic), Aug. 18 (Muzzleloading Shotgun Championship), Sept. 8 (Modern Shotgun Trap Shoot) and Oct. 20 (Mountain Man Shoot (knife, hawk, rifle). See you there!

--Ross Bielema, assistant range officer

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